Getting Started with Rails

Ya.. most of the things in life suffer from this trauma.. How to get started??
For getting started, first of all, visit the Rails Website.

The best way to learn new thing is to google about them… at the same time, I would link u with some of the online resources.. Its important to follow these steps in the order I have listed below..

  1. Google and know abt the advantages and disadvantages of rails… (duration: 1 day)
  2. Download this book.. Read the introduction and then straightaway go to Part 3, i.e. the Rails Framework.. Clear the concepts of Active Support, Active Records, Migrations and Action Controllers as these will be needed at every step of development.. I am afraid that the book is obsolete for rails 2.10, still, it will help a lot in building concepts of rails (a newer beta book is released, but, I couldn’t get it anywhere online :( ).. (duration: 1 day).
  3. Now, after getting the basics, build an application on rails, and keep checking the book to clarify ur concepts.. here’s a tutorial that would help u.. (duration: 2 days).
  4. Now, its time to learn some web 2.0 stuff… know more abt the rjs templates and its usage with ajax… (duration: 2 days).
  5. ts time to use some pre-developed code.. there r 2 types of pre-developed codes – one is ruby gems, which is similar to java Packages.. u will find it in netbeans, tools, ruby gems.. the second one is rails plugin.. u will have to add repository of a plugin after right clicking a project in netbeans, and then, the project will automatically download the sources (so, no more hassle of reference problems).. (duration: 1 day).

So, in a weeks time, you will get some idea how rails applications work.. I have built a rails application for my company.. have a look..

In the meanwhile, u can refer to RailsCasts for its outstanding effort in promoting rails by sharing some of the best video tutorials..

U might also face problem, which editor to use.. I have experimented with a lot of editors and IDEs.. The Best one is Netbeans.. to get acquainted with Netbeans and rails , check out these tutorials..

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