The Divine Plan

A common feedback from most of my friends was,’ you do not write readable blogs’.. This one is a readable post, but I am afraid, not the easiest one to understand..

History of the whole world has been the history of a few hundred people who had faith in themselves..

Things that I thought impossible were only a bit more difficult than the possible ones..

For me, technology is not a bottleneck, but innovation is..

Human Brain is a technology that was developed by God long ago.. Look, first he released a beta version, then release candidates (rc’s) and then finally a full version of Human Brain, completely free to all humans, compatibility issues with other species..

Human beings can never create an intelligence matching their own, for simply the reason that, men can never equal the technology that god has polished over time..

Human Brain has got immense capabilities, something beyond the imagination of Human Brain itself.. I have played symphonies of Beethoven, given finest of speeches, created the best of compositions in dreams, waking up just to wonder how could it be me? Not the person in the dream, but the one who fabricated it.. It is true that many of my innovations were seeded in dreams.. It is also true that I have fixed lots of bugs in dreams.. All forms of training involve nothing but the training of the Brain..

A thought that struck my mind all of a sudden in the NCC camp, puzzles me still now.. Our body is something over which, definitely, we have got all the rights.. Still, we can control only some of its actions.. A boy gets a moustache at 15, his body produces the necessary hormones, its his Brain that stimulates the pituitary.. Why can’t he reverse it, if he doesn’t need a moustache? Its really weird to talk about, but, if a person can control his Brain, he can very well change the body characteristics, the genes itself, and thereby all his character traits.. In other words, he won’t be any different from, what we call, a Superman….

The greatest genius of modern times is Einstein, and is known to use only 5% of his Brain.. It were the ancient Indians who could use it to the fullest..

God had always feared his own downfall.. Look at His Plan, he gradually commented out the method in Human Brain to control itself in successive versions .. Still, some pirated copies of the original version are left  :P ..

For me, when it comes to innovation, I keep quiet, persuade my Brain (His technology), requesting it to deliver something..

Human Brain is obviously, a complex piece of code..

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Spiritual PalJuly 5th, 2008 at 8:50 pm

Hey Ujjwal I never knew that we have another common interest. Wow! So you too are interested in religion/philosophy :)

If you don’t mind, lets play this philosophical leg pulling.. :P

“Human beings can never create an intelligence matching their own, for simply the reason that, men can never equal the technology that god has polished over time..”

Taking up the definition of God as “the cause of all causes”(from Vedanta Sutra), He must be the cause of time too. If God need to polish His technology “over time”, doesn’t it sound like God is subordinate to time?

Ok, now let me tell you..The post was really interesting. Had a nice read. Keep it up. :)

VishwaJanuary 2nd, 2009 at 3:22 pm

Well Biru. I wonder since when is this whole “5%” thing going on. Because, I once grew curious and devoted a full 2 hours of my precious OR class researching this topic about how much brain power we use and voila what did I find!!! Well, the fact that all this is just a hoax nothing more. May be you would like to find out soon.

BharatJanuary 3rd, 2009 at 7:43 am

Your “God” is afraid of his downfall what kinda “God” is that ???

ujjwalJanuary 3rd, 2009 at 8:19 am

well, let me tell you, this blog was written on a load-shedded, moonlit night during my summer internship @ Noida.. during that point of time, I used to have a lot of workload, and was involved in all the technical stuff.. I thought how can I explain a software engineer about god, who hasn’t heard of him.. this blog is meant for comic relief, and no serious stuff, only software engineers will be able to appreciate that!

its encouraging to see that this topic drives attention and we have people both for and against the issue….. It is interesting for me to learn more views on this debatable issue….thanks folks

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