Installing intex usb pc camera/vimicro zc0301H in ubuntu

Its really a very difficult job to install your webcam especially when its not officially provided by the kernel itself..

This tutorial is all about installing webcam drivers that do not get installed automatically on plugging the webcam.. if the driver gets installed automatically, then its ur day, else u may have to struggle for days to find a suitable driver..

To begin with, u must get the gspca module installed with ur kernel.. Its reported that from Ubuntu Hardy (8.04), gspca driver is installed in the kernel by default.. else, u can follow a tutorial here .. the original gspca module can be found here .. to check if ur gspca is installed correcly or not, install a package called ekiga with the synaptic package manager (or apt-get).. in that, u can find ur cam working after going/skipping the registration process.. but, at this stage, u may not be able to use cam at other places like skype or kopete.. :( to check, u can also check “dmesg” in console to see if the cam is detected after the cam is plugged..

again for some this process works, but if u r as unlucky as me, it wont work for u.. so, u will have to follow some additional steps:

  1. install easycam2 .. a very good tutorial can be found here ..
  2. open easycam and u will see that it has started downloading the correct driver.. good for u.. make sure the cam was plugged in while the driver gets downloaded and installed..
  3. after the driver is installed, plug out the cam, and restart the computer.. make sure that the cam is not connected while the computer boots up..
  4. once the bootup is complete, install a cam viewing software like cheese (very easy through synaptic package manager) .. this step could have been done earlier..
  5. plug in the cam.. u will find that cheese opens up automatically, and u can see ur pic.. :)

But, the bad thing is, u may not see the cam working again after a reboot (which is the case with me) :( .. as, with every boot, default cam modules are loaded and easycam drivers are not loaded (I think so).. there is a trick for that.. u can plug out ur cam every time u shut down ur machine.. and plugin only after the computer is booted completely, in which, the easy cam drivers get a preference :)

What if u have booted up, and don’t want to restart the computer to see the cam working.. there is a trick to make the cam working without a reboot!! the trick is to restart the gspca modules, so that the easycam drivers are picked up by the cam :) ..

To restart the cam modules, follow these steps:

  1. sudo modprobe -r zc0301
  2. sudo modprobe -r gspca
  3. sudo modprobe gspca

The first 2 steps are to stop the modules: zc0301 and gspca.. and the last one is to start the gspca module :)

Do post comment if that solves ur problem .. or even adds to ur problem :P .. it took me 6 days to figure this thing out in ubuntu hardy :)

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