I am about to launch a new feature on the Training & Placements website that I created at IIT Kharagpur. The feature is called Resumes. Here you can view your friends’, seniors’ and juniors’ resumes, all at one place. Best thing about this feature is, the resumes are sorted; categorized according to different industries, different companies (shortlisted resumes, and placed resumes) as well as different schools/departments; and most importantly, they are searchable internally.

Why would this be helpful?

The entire idea to create TNP site was to assist a seamless sharing of information related to Training & Placement. The site currently shows information on which companies came when, recruited/shortlisted how many students, and what were their packages. The site also shows semester-wise SGPAs/CGPAs of students who got placed/shortlisted. But, it misses out the fact that while recruiting students, CGPA is just one of the criteria, not everything. The best way to summarize a person’s achievements is his/her resume. This motivated me to write additional lines of code, so that students can learn from their peers.

Why should you upload your resume?

There are many reasons why you should upload your resume, including:

  1. Others get benefited. No matter what you have in your resume, its gonna inspire someone or the other in the campus.
  2. Placement season is (almost) over. So, no more competition among ourselves. Our (passing out students) tech career/higher studies will begin after we leave Kgp this summer. There is always a scope of learning from how other people managed their lives at Kgp. These resumes might inspire us to have a fresh beginning after we leave Kgp.
  3. There is also a provision for adding internship resumes, so that students in their pre-placement years are also benefited. The database will be maintained for future generations.
  4. Some of us will find this as a new forum to show-off our talents.
  5. You can’t view any resume until you have uploaded atleast one of your own resumes.

Its a common consensus among recruiters, that Kgpians are not as aware as Bombay/Delhi/Kanpur/Madras students and Kgpians don’t prepare well before interviews/GDs. This website, in a way, is an attempt to increase that awareness among Kgpians. I wish that all of you reading this will upload your resume, and contribute towards increasing awareness among your peers, and thereby help in the growth of the majestic alumni network that Kgp enjoys (and other IITs envy).

Link to TNP revisited website: (kgp only, disable proxies)
Link to TNP support page:

Thanks for reading till the last line!

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